My world consists of images, words and sound.

I'm a creator and curator of stories, for my passion, and for my salary.

A tinkerer of content, digital tools, publishing, applications, photography, retail sales and opinions. You should know the list of things I don't tolerate is not long… racism, bullying, sexism, polluting and mistreating animals. So it means I practice tolerance, acceptance, curiosity, patting dogs and cats and trying to understand… often I look querulous.

I probably swear far more than I should, in both speech and writing.. But fuck it! Some things demand a good swear… or twenty.

I love mountain biking… but, by my own admission, I suck at it. My riding alternates between exhilaration and a high probability of injury… I suspect my riding is a combination of me being brave n' crazy and the mixture is variable at any given moment.

I love coffee… please don’t expect this to change… ever!

Ride, write, read... repeat

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