Just For The Sake Of It

It’s been a while since I’ve had inclination or time to put pen to paper, or more accurately, fingers to keys, and grab some thoughts and bring them out.

I’ve been distracted by winter, by work, by family and politics... well, more trying to ignore the way politics is being reported and the characters drawn to it. What I do want to say is that, there is nothing so much like the contrast between what’s happening in New Zealand vs. Australia, United States and United Kingdom. Somehow, the New Zealand voters have taken a chance to be different, so we have a Prime Minister who is a new mother, prepared to speak out and has even made changes in how the opposition and co-operative parties have started to evolve and function.

Meanwhile, the winter started with an unexpected drop in temperature and then found a medium of mild... however... somehow... the mild has brought about in me a form of withdrawal, where I’ve found myself less willing to be physically active, more introspective and less inclined to look much beyond the hamster routine of work/sleep.

That description makes it sound like I’m being dragged about by the black dog I have written about in the past. Though it’s really not the case, despite my withdrawal in many ways, there has been an awakening and action in others. I’ve reconciled with my wife and moved home, to be with her, our kids, our cats, chickens and guinea pigs, and continue to have a job that I look forward to each working day.

In many ways, the category of family distraction has been huge... and I’m tremendously happy about it.

It warms me.

So... why the funk about writing?

It could be, that I’m missing a topic or two to drive me. Much of the writing I have done over the years has been driven by a topic I’ve been close to, either via work or passion, and that led me to write at times about music, books, games, technology, movies and television, business, mountain biking and photography. Throw in some odd bits of commentary and that’s been my output. It’s been for print and digital and now most of it aside from this website is consigned to some deep digital storage and probably no longer to be found, with the pages long gone as servers have been decommissioned and deleted. However one of the oldest I can find is an oddly curated piece I wrote about a Mutton Birds album here.

Meanwhile... here I am... fingers to keys... suns out, good coffee at a local cafe and feeling around for a topic or two.

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