Life's, what you, make it!

Judging by feedback on my recent post on LinkedIn about #Mercedes-Benz (which has been a mixed bag), and their shitty creative, I'm going to share my thoughts on a piece of what I believe to be some fuckin' outstanding creative.

It was a piece of work that defined a brand, captured a new way of interacting with the world and set in track ideas and emotions that have no doubt led to great things being realised over the last couple of decades.

The work was to define the #brand for fledgling #ISP and #onlineportal #XtraMSN back in 2001 to 2003. XtraMSN was the ISP arm of Telecom New Zealand (now Spark New Zealand), to encourage customers to migrate from dial-up Internet access (#rememberthatshit) to #ADSL #broadband Internet access.

What the agency (Saatchi & Saatchi) did was match the connectivity, capability and imagination that 'high-speed' Internet access could bring to peoples lives. They included strong New Zealand focused imagery and tied to the Talk Talk song, Life's What You Make It. What they created was a #story that was so successful the XtraMSN brand became stronger than the parent company brand and almost two decades on, that imagery is still strong with many New Zealanders.

In may ways stronger than anything done since by the company, as it still has a strong recall when you bring it up in conversation with people.

Why was it so fucking good!

It sparked peoples imagination

It was inclusive

It had wondrous production quality

It felt good

It told a great story

And you can relive it here...

So, now I'm going to throw down a challenge... if you are someone connected in any way, shape of form being tasked with delivering creative for your employer, your company, your client... please ask yourself, is what I'm doing going to be fucking good, because if it's not going to spark imagination, wonder, be inclusive and tell a good story, then ask yourself... why not?

'Cause.... and you know it's coming... Life's What You Make It

Image: XtraMSN / Telecom NZ / Spark New Zealand
Text: Blurred
Video: XtraMSN / Telecom NZ / Spark New Zealand

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