Hey, Mercedes Benz... We Need To Have A Chat

Hey, Mercedes Benz... We Need To Talk

This is image is being used in a promotion by MercedesBenzGleich in New Zealand... and I'll be honest I find it's disturbing me. That when I see it across various websites and social media it just makes my skin crawl.

#MercedesBenz as a father to a daughter, I don't think it's acceptable to use an image like this to sell a car. There's so many things wrong with this where do I start?

1. The retail price of the car (starting at just under NZD $50k) does not fit with the age of the young women in the picture - in fact a lot young women her age in New Zealand would already have near to a $50k debt for tertiary education
2. If you are implying that to 'acquire' a young women, such as her, you need to get her or yourself at $50k car... then there's something seriously wrong with that kind of messaging
3. Then there is the pose of the model.. I'm going to be blunt, it's deliberately, openly sexual... and if you deny it, then I can give you a serious 101 lecture on sexual photography types... it's just not acceptable

Seriously @MercedesBenzNZ get your shit together... this is 2017, not 1977

PS: I'd be really happy if you want to contact me about this and have a chat.

Image: Mercedes Benz
Text: Blurred

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