Yeti Cycles Present: The Trail To Kazbegi

Yeti Cycles Present: The Trail To Kazbegi

Imagine a trip where you encounter lightning storms beyond your experience... need to cross the racing river - or run out of food... snow covered glacial paths... unexpected dog attacks... trail-less mountain descents, seemingly without end... armed and hostile border guards...

Oh and you are doing all this via mountain bikes and just enough food to last 10 days!

The idea behind The Trail To Kazbegi, was for a four person team to go on a self-supported mountain bike mission through the Caucasus Mountains in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia.

Join the team; adventure filmmaker Joey Schusler, Bike magazine editor Brice Minnigh, photographer Ross Measures and mountain man Sam Seward, as they explore the crown jewels of the Georgian High Caucasus on their quest to reach the magnificent Mount Kazbek.

Image: Ross Measures for Bike Magazine
Text: Blurred
Video: Joey Schusler

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