Tantrum Cycles Introduces Two New Brian Berthold Designs

Tantrum Cycles Introduces Two New Brian Berthold Designs

Tantrum Cycles will use the annual Sea Otter Classic bike festival to give a sneak preview of two new models for 2016. In addition to the existing 27.5” Meltdown and 29” Outburst, Tantrum are previewing a special edition Meltdown Race and a hybrid 29/27.5 Downburst.

To commemorate the introduction of the Meltdown Race, Tantrum creator and designer, Brian Berthold, has chosen Sea Otter to come out of racing retirement and race the Enduro event. Berthold noted “this is what I designed the bike for, so I figured I could break my long retirement and come back to race my very own brand. I’m giving everyone that never beat me one final chance, if indeed any of those few are still around”, Berthold noted, as he is the oldest person entered in the race.

Long odds for a win aside, what’s the Tantrum Race all about? Berthold explains, “When I realized I entered the Enduro event, I decided to build the bike that I thought would be best for me. The result is a 64 degree HT angle, 327 mm (12.9”) bb height,  165 mm travel, 29 pounds with pedals, enduro slayer. This bike is so much fun to ride fast and gives you so much confidence in DH and shaky situations. But it is still an outstanding climber, due to the geometry steepening and suspension lockout climbing characteristics exhibited by the Missing Link™ suspension."

“Since the rear shock can go to full extension and fully lock out”, Berthold noted, "there is no way you would think the static head tube angle was 64 degrees, because it can effectively be over 4 degrees steeper during max climb, plus the rear end is literally rock solid until you need it for bumps. So I knew we had to make this bike, it was really a case of my desire for the most effective race bike for myself that created this model. For more general trail and less DH oriented riding, the standard Meltdown is a better choice, still no DH slouch with its 66 degree HT angle, just better overall handling on the flats and even better climbing ability."

Tantrum Cycles Introduces Two New Brian Berthold Designed Meltdown

The Downburst is also an interesting bike, marrying the 29” front wheel of the Outburst with the 27.5" frame and rear wheel of the Meltdown. The resultant bike has 140 mm of travel up front with 165 mm in the rear. Berthold states "with the 29” front wheel, it gets away with 140 mm of travel in the front, which helps keep the front lower. Combined with the 165 mm of travel in the rear and 27.5 wheel, the result is a bike with the advantages of the ability of the big front wheel to keep rolling over gnarl, while the 165 mm of rear travel gobbles it all up. The 27.5 rear wheel makes the make much more playful and responsive." The bike also shares a more aggressive approach to geometry than the Outburst. The Downburst HT angle comes in with a more DH friendly 66 degrees (compared with the 67.5 of the Outburst).

“With the two new models”, Berthold explains,” Tantrum has a pretty broad choice of trail bikes from the cross country oriented trail rider with the 125 mm travel Outburst, to the near DH capable Meltdown Race."

Finally, when pressed for his chances for a podium in the race, Berthold says “absolutely no chance. There are over 60 riders in my class and they all race here locally. Hell, I’m not even racing, I’m just trail riding. If I’m on the podium, they should all be ashamed. But it is an honor and a blast to be riding and representing my own design on my own brand. I know it’s been done before, but it’s a short list of people that can make that claim. The fact that I’m also the oldest rider in the race? Well, that’s just stupidity on my part."

Image: Tantrum Cycles
Text: Tantrum Cycles media release
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