New Archi Enduro RR From Urge BP

New Archi Enduro RR From Urge BP

Have you ever wondered what sort of racing helmet you'd get if riders had their feedback included in the development... especially riders such as Fabien Barel and Florian Nicolai.

Well, wonder no more, because what you would get is the new Archi Enduro RR from Urge Bike Products, a re-think of their take on the enduro focused racing helmet. You should know that the RR stands for Ready-to-Race, so it'll be a piece of kit focused on keeping you racing.

The Archi Enduro RR features a number of innovative features:

An outer shell constructed from a composite material that is a unique blend of glass fibre (80%) and natural linen (20%), mixed with a thermosetting resin. The material is meticulously laid out on order to obtain a multi-axial fibre. This construction guarantees a better spread and diffusion of shock waves from the helmet to the skull on impact.

The independent test results show the Archi Enduro RR exceeds the current standards (CE 1078, CSPC 1205, AS) and even outperforms ABS plastics and carbon fibre shells used in helmets.

Urge BP have also focused on the design and construction of the chin guard, seeking the ASTM F1952 standard, but not compromising on a design that maximises airflow and vision.

The use of the new design, materials and construction has lead to the Archi Enduro RR having a weight under 1kg.

Image: Urge Bike Products
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Video: Urge Bike Products

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