Maxxis Rekon+ And Ikon+ Announced feat. Jess Melamed

Maxxis Rekon+ And Ikon+ Announced feat. Jess Melamed

The introduction of the plus sized tires not so long ago broadly painted a picture that they would benefit new riders seeking some additional control or they'd be at home on mountain bikes designed for back-country/epic rides, however Enduro World Series competitor Jesse Melamed believes the new Maxxis Tires Rekon+ and Icon+ are also suited for when it's time to push on.

According to Jesse, "These tires are so much fun! I can get myself into all kinds of stupid situations and come out alive and unscathed."

Riding Rocky Mountain's new Pipeline bike, Jesse can be seen putting the new Ikon+ and Rekon+ tires through their paces on a technical North Shore single-track.

Designed as a front and rear combo, the Rekon+ takes the lead as an aggressive trail tire with large enough knobs to push dirt around and find grip at the harder ground underneath.  The Ikon+ pulls from Maxxis best-selling XC tire and offers familiar speed and ease of pedaling while retaining taller cornering knobs to keep up with the additional grip of the Rekon+.

Maxxis Rekon+ And Ikon+ Announced

Weights start at 715g for the 27.5x2.80 tires, using optional high-thread count 120 TPI construction in order to provide a high-volume casing - without the weight you would expect from such a large tire.

In order to maintain Maxxis reputation for having the most reliable and best performing tires on the market, they’ve made these tires available with EXO protection and 3C triple rubber compounds.

Maxxis Rekon+ And Ikon+ Announced feat. Rocky Mountain Pipeline

Maxxis Marketing Specialist, Bobby Brown says, "We think these new plus tires have it all, with the comfort and grip that a new rider needs, and that an experienced rider can take advantage of to get a faster, more fun ride." The new Ikon+ and Rekon+ are the heralds for Maxxis to introduce plus-sized versions of their well-known Minion DHF, Minion DHR II and High Roller II tyres throughout 2016.

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