The Line: Introducing The Riders, Kat Sweet, Inga Beck And McKenna Merten.

The Line will debut in January 2016. It's a set of documentary films about established and rising female athletes and how they can inspire others. The series will start featuring mountain bike riders, Kat Sweet, Inga Beck and McKenna Merten riding the trails of Lake Tahoe, California.

The line is where the athlete begins, turns and wants to go. She chooses.
She controls the line, navigates it, negotiates obstacles and pushes her performance to progress to the next level of her sport.

Other features in The Line series will focus on women in skiing and rock climbing.

Introducing Kat Sweet

Introducing Inga Beck

Introducing McKenna Merten

“The film series allows female athletes to voice their stories and inspire other women while exploring action sports in depth,” said director and concept creator, Casey Kohlhoff.

Image: The Line
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Video: The Line

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