SRAM presents: Steps To The Top: Luca Shaw

SRAM presents: Steps To The Top: Luca Shaw

It's been a milestone year for rider Luca Shaw, he had to squeeze in his final year of secondary school and a full season of racing in the 2015 UCI World Cup in the elite men category.

Luca can sum it all up in his own words,  “it’s exciting and a little bit surreal... but it’s sort of set in now. Now, I feel like I am capable of doing more than just getting top 10.”

There's a big step-up from competing as a junior to the open category where the racers range from your own age... to others whose career has had a longer existence on the planet! That's got to be the full combination of exciting and humbling.

Watch a presentation of Luca's story presented by SRAM and Mind Spark Cinema.

Image: Sven Martin for SRAM
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Video: Mind Spark Cinema for SRAM

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