SRAM presents: The Backwoods feat. Logan Peat

SRAM presents: The Backwoods feat. Logan Peat

Logan Peat had an idea... he knew what he wanted big, floaty jumps in the ideal location and with the perfect slope and sublime dirt... and let's be honest, don't we all want something along these lines?

So when Logan saw an opportunity to build his own slopestyle course in the Coast Gravity Park, he picked up some tools and started sculpting. Of course a colossal build like this is never a one-man endeavor, though. Logan’s vision was made reality with the sweat and skills of machine operator Darren Hemstreet, The Coastal Crew and his dad.

So when the when the machines went silent and the dust settled, it was time to capture on camera what Logan means by big and floaty...

This is The Backwoods

Image: SRAM
Text: Blurred
Video: Mind Spark Cinema for SRAM

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