SRAM presents: The Best Slopestyle Run Ever

SRAM presents: The Best Slopestyle Run Ever

Brandon Semenuk conquered the 2015 Crankworx Red Bull Joyride with an amazing run, there is no doubt about that.. though the secret is really in just how effective it was.

SRAM and Mind Spark Cinema have captured his run in slow-motion and matched it to the live commentary of Brett Tippie.

Opposite Truck Driver
360 Downside Tailwhip
Backflip Double Tailwhip
Cork 720
Backflip Tailwhip to Can
Backflip Barspin
Double Tailwhip
Double Truck Driver
Flat Drop Backflip
Opposite Barspin
Cork 720

Image: Scott Robarts for Crankworx
Text: Blurred
Video: Mind Spark Cinema for SRAM

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