Outside Van: Lava Flow... I Covet This!

Outside Van: Lava Flow... I Covet This!

Hmmm.. wondering if should become a regular subset of the 'gear' section... the various gadgets, technology, vehicles, things that I covet that are not strictly just about mountain biking?

The Outside Vans Lava Flow is "adventure focused" camper based on an all-wheel-drive Mercedes van encompassing storage for gear as much as it does on storage for humans.

I'm impressed how you can store bikes, surf boards or whatever you like within the van, thus ensuring they are protected from elements and prying eyes... and fingers! Couple that with lot's of well thought out storage details and the ability to pretty much go anywhere you can find a road of some form.

Built by Outside Van, the Lava Flow can be ordered directly from them... the catch, they are based in Oregon, USA. If you are sure about their credibility of building great vans... then check out the Lopes, named for legendary mountain bike rider Brian Lopes... and he lends his name to a van, it better be pretty damn fine

Outside Van: Lava Flow Camp and Gear Stash

Outside Van: Lava Flow Interior Gear and Bike Stash

Outside Van: Lava Flow Interior

Outside Van: Lava Flow Tent

Image: Outside Van
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Video: Outside Van

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