Dirt Blizzard unReal Segment

Dirt Blizzard unReal Segment

"Every so often, an event happens in nature that is so profound, it belies the very foundation of reality. This is the stuff of legends and lore, a rare phenomenon that may only happen once in a lifetime. In order to witness such an event, we must suspend our judgement of what we think we know. We must let go, look to the sky, and believe."

Teton Gravity Research and Anthill Films take a new look at the unReal be attempting to reimagine the ultimate skier’s dream... a powder day... in mountain biking terms.

How would it be if dirt fells from the sky like powder snow, what could riders do with this previously undreamed of magical landscape. For this segment from unReal, riders Thomas Vanderham, Matty Miles, Ian Morrison, and Finn Iles, see what they can do in a 'Dirt Blizzard', something that they once could only dream about… until now...

The unReal film features: Brandon Semenuk, Brett Rheeder, Cam McCaul, Tom van Steenbergen, Steve Smith, Graham Agassiz, Brook MacDonald, James Doerfling, Thomas Vanderham, and friends.

Image: Anthill Films
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Video: Anthill Films

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