2015 Enduro World Series: Zona Zero, Spain - Teaser

The Enduro World Series has landed in Spain for the penultimate race of the year - the Specialized Opel Enduro Festival Zona Zero.

The race will take place on the incredible trail network of Zona Zero in the beautiful Ainsa-Sobrabre region of Northern Spain, nestled amongst the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains.

And though the area may be a new location for the series, the course itself dates back 800 years. It’s so old in fact, that the course builders here refer to themselves as ‘trail archeologists’ - because they are not building new trails but uncovering ancient ones instead. The village of Ainsa dates back to the 11th Century, and the trails that surround it are old trading routes, carefully brought back to life by the local riding community.

Riders will discover these trails during eight stages of racing over two days, taking them through abandoned villages and settlements along the way. Also adding to the sense of history will be the event village itself, which is housed within the walls of the 12th Century Ainsa Castle. This is where riders will start the race, including the urban prologue that will take in the narrow, cobbled streets of the old town on Friday night.

Race Director, Jorge Ruiz de Eguilaz, said: “The trails here are part of our heritage, they used to connect all the villages in the area and were very important trade routes. We’ve been studying old maps and putting these ancient paths back to work as bike trails."

“The terrain here is really rocky and there are some big climbs to handle. But the trails have a lot of flow and are very fun to ride. Riders can also expect a warm welcome from the people here. The whole village is really excited and has totally got behind this event - we have more than 200 local volunteers giving up their time to help. It’s going to be a very special and different style of race.”

Chris Ball, Managing Director of the Enduro World Series, said: “The moment I arrived in Ainsa it was obvious to me that we had to bring the Enduro World Series here. The core local group of trail builders have been steadily uncovering ancient trails from the 10th Century and have brought back to life an amazing network, once used as trade routes and now possible to ride on mountain bikes. Discovery and sustainability are deep engrained principles here and the community are incredible. This race will be physically and technically tough but will also be rich in discovery and adventure. Round seven in Ainsa Sobrarbe has the perfect mix!”

Image: Enduro World Series
Text: Enduro World Series media release
Video: Enduro World Series

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