Absolute Black Oval Narrow-Wide Chainring

Meet 'Mr Bitey', he greets the couriers and opens what arrives for us here at Blurred... he also collects stamps, so he was very taken with a recent package that arrived with some funky stamps from Poland.

Of course he had to open the package to see what was inside and then he was a little reluctant to hand over the contents... 'Mr Bitey' is a rather persistent bugger when he wants. Well I sacrificed a child.. what you expected me to put my hand in his mouth... fuck off! ... and what we have is a brand new piece of fancy hardware from the team at Absolute Black.

It's an oval narrow-wide chainring... but before you start snickering and commenting on "bio-pace", remember the world has moved on, but the theory is still sound, an oval shaped chainring should remove the 'flat-spot' that occurs when you turn a crank with your legs. No longer will power we wasted, it will transfer directly to the driving wheel.

The Absolute Black chainrings are designed in the UK and manufactured in Poland on CNC machines out of anodised AL7075 Txxx alloy and are wonderfully finished.

The chainring will be making its way onto one of our test bikes shortly for on-trail testing, watch out for the update.

Image: Blurred
Text: Blurred
Video: Absolute Black

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