Dust Apocalypse feat. Polygon UR Team

Dust Apocalypse feat. Polygon UR Team

One of the craziest dust conditions we've ever seen gave us the opportunity to film these insane dust explosions that prove that a mountain bike truly is one versatile machine.

Fabien 'CousCous' Cousinié was like a kid in a sand pit, shameless and riding as hard as he can until the roost were covering him head to toe.

"The closest thing to riding in these condition I can relate to is shredding powder in the winter, you are floating over the track. One of the most scary parts is that the dust is so thick that you can’t see the big rocks that are hidden under it, you always have to be ready for whatever comes at you." - Fabien 'Cous Cous' Cousinié

"At the beginning of the year we started to be a little tired of slomo, but after this shoot, slomo all made sense again to really appreciate those roosts", Jean-Baptiste Bazzarini.

Source: Polygon UR Team

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