Revel In The Chaos: Trailer

Revel In The Chaos: Trailer

Revel In The Chaos is a darkly cinematic reinvention of the typical mountain bike movie. No time-lapse filler shots, no globetrotting helicopter pageantry, no gratuitous 'may as well have been a still photo' slow mo. Revel Co is the brainchild of Brandon Semenuk, reigning FMB World Champion, and Rupert Walker, a true auteur filmmaker. It's not an exaggeration to say this movie features the best freestyle riding ever done on a mountain bike. One rider, one filmmaker, one vision: the next level.

Revel In The Chaos premieres August, 2015.

The production of Revel In The Chaos is in cooperation with SRAM, Trek and Pinkbike.

Source: SRAM

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