ICON Dodge D200 Power Wagon: Truck Yeah!

ICON Dodge D200 Power Wagon: Truck Yeah!

I'll be honest, the idea of using a shiny new truck for carting around all my stuff, which generally includes mountain bikes, kids (and all of what they come with... or rather bring on any given expedition off the property... "I said one red panda... not three, go put one back!!!"), gardening supplies, grocery shopping, found objects etc... basically I'd feel it was too much for something new... also to be honest, I generally don't like new trucks, I hanker for something older, rougher... tougher.

Which means I'll always glance fondly at a Land Rover, Jeep or something built in the 1950's, 60's or even 70's... which brings me to this amazing vehicle, a reimagined and rebuilt 1960's Dodge D200 Power Wagon.

ICON specialise in taking classic utility vehicles and making them betterer (yes, I know that's not a real word, but it applies here). By taking a well proven vehicle and then introducing new components and technologies, you can extend it's working life for another generation or two... and as an added bonus, they are more efficient and environmentally sustainable.

ICON Dodge D200 Power Wagon interior

ICON 1960s Dodge D200 Power Wagon

Source: ICON / Jalopnik

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