Dirt School Mobile App: It's A Mountain Bike Coach In Your Pocket

Dirt School Mobile App: It's A Mountain Bike Coach In Your Pocket

If you really want to get better at something, there are two things you need to do... practice/participate is number one... number two is getting critical advice, in the form of someone independent, such as a coach or trainer... as like most people on the planet, your chance of being that self-aware... it's not high.

Now that's all good in theory, but life is busy and circumstances are many, so finding a coach or trainer may not be suitable right now... however, what if you could get access to tools designed to be accessed anywhere, anytime... which when you are riding or have the chance to ride could be in the early morning, late at night or middle of the working week... and now here's something to help.

Dirt School, the UK’s most established mountain bike coaching company, is going global with the launch of its new digital service.

Founded by Managing Director of the Enduro World Series Chris Ball, Dirt School is based in Scotland - but thanks to it’s new online service riders everywhere can now benefit from their extensive knowledge.

At the heart of these services is a new mobile app - the world’s first interactive mountain bike coaching app. Users can learn skills like manuals and drop offs by watching technique videos featuring the Dirt School coaches, as well as read step by step guides to each of the skills. All 11 skill videos featured also offer alternative views as well as slow motion playback. But what really sets the app apart is the upload function - allowing riders to upload videos of themselves on their bike and comparing it to videos of both correct and incorrect techniques.

Chris said: “Videoing a rider during a coaching session is something I’ve found really useful over the years - often what the rider thinks they are doing on the bike is very different to what they’re actually doing. By uploading a video of themselves onto the app and comparing it, it’s much easier for riders to understand where they are going wrong.”

As well as the app, riders can also take advantage of their new video coaching packages. By creating a profile on the Dirt School website, users can then have their own riding videos critiqued by their qualified coaches. Feedback is provided through users’ private page on the site - it’s one to one coaching without having to leave the house.

Fit by Bike Training Plans are the last of the new additions to Dirt School Digital. These online training plans are designed to get you fit by riding your bike - no need to buy any equipment or pay expensive gym fees - all you need is your bike. With three plans to choose from - Getting Started (beginners), Trail Fit (regular riders) and Race Fit (racers), all levels of rider can benefit from the training. Each plan offers a four week training schedule incorporating advice on anaerobic and interval training as well as tips on nutrition, recovery and goal setting.

Chris added: "I'm so excited to be launching our digital services. Being coached in person is great, but we realise not everyone can make it to Scotland for a lesson and that's exactly why we've launched Dirt School Digital - so no matter where you are in the world you can still benefit from our coaching and at a fraction of the normal cost."

About Dirt School

Dirt School was founded by Chris Ball in 2007. Since then the company has gone from strength to strength and now consists of five highly qualified coaches; Ruaridh Cunningham (former Junior Downhill World Champion), Andy Barlow (former Scottish Cross Country Champion), Rab Wardell (Commonwealth Cross Country athlete and current Scottish Cyclocross Champion), Chris Ball (former world cup downhiller and MD of Enduro World Series) and Tom Nash (ex RAF fast jet instructor).  The company’s ethos is simple - coaches not only have to have the right paperwork but also the riding credentials to match. They’ve coached everyone from Olympic athletes to kids’ clubs and even created the world’s first academic qualification in mountain biking, the BTEC diploma in Mountain Biking at Borders College.

Source: Dirt School

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