Canyon Factory Enduro Team: 2015 Episode 2 EWS Ireland

Canyon Factory Enduro Team: 2015 Ep 2 Fabien Barel in Ireland

Few would deny that the Enduro World Series’ first foray onto the Emerald Isle was anything short of a raging success. Huge crowds, huge noise, blue skies, a wicked mix of trails and a home winner meant the organisers and local fans got the fairytale ending they’d dreamt of.

Unfortunately the luck of the Irish was not with the Canyon Factory Enduro Team. Fabien Barel and Joe Barnes were riding super strong and mixing it up at the top of the timing sheets; podium finishes were well within reach. However, things unravelled very quickly on stages 4 and 6 with blow outs dropping them to 20th and 12th respectively at the close of the day. Ines Thoma also didn’t find the flatter terrain around Carrick Mountain to her liking, finishing off the day in 13th.

Canyon Factory Enduro Team: 2015 Ep 2 Ines Thoma in Ireland

Canyon Factory Enduro Team: 2015 Ep 2 Joe Barnes in Ireland

The Canyon Factory Enduro team is Fabien Barel, Joe Barnes, Ines Thoma and Ludo May.

Source: Canyon Bicycles

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