2016 Scott Genuis 700 Tuned Plus Preview

2016 Scott Genuis 700 Tuned Plus Preview

In the press release for the newest member of Scott Sports 'enduro' family they highlight that change is a constant... almost as if before anybody gets a chance to say anything to about if the change is wanted or not... you just have to accept impermanence and stop asking questions.

Bold Scott Sports... bold indeed!

So without much more pre-amble here is the 2016 Scott Sports Genius 700 Tuned Plus, a carbon framed enduro/all-mountain bike based on the new 27.5" plus standard. The theory is that combining 40mm wide rims with 2.8" wide tyres provides more constant traction and improved control, with a small sacrifice in weight... oh and if you are confused by the constant mish-mash of measurement standards, you are not alone.

The new bike is also introducing a new hub standard; Boost, developed by SRAM. It increased the width of both the front and rear hubs to enable a tire width of up to 3" and delivering on the promise of  an accurate and controlled ride.

2016 Scott Genius 27.5 Plus Preview

2016 Scott Genius Plus Preview

Source: Scott Sports

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