2015 Enduro World Series: Tweedlove, Scotland - Event Highlights

Another week... another country... another event... okay, it's not always like this, but when it is the competitors have to dig deep. The Enduro World Series turned around quickly from Ireland to Scotland and returning again to part of the Tweedlove Bike Festival.

The Cannondale Alpine Bikes World Enduro (let's use the event name and keep the sponsors happy... for they help these events happen), Tweed Valley, Peebles, Scotland ran under different conditions from the previous weeks Emerald Enduro, where the weather looked to have more impact on the 2 days of racing.

Many competitors and teams would come away happy with their performance, however it's doubtful many were happier than Trek Factory Racing with Tracey Moseley and Justin Leov standing at the top of the podiums.

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