How To Build A World Cup Downhill Track

The UCI always like to spring a surprise or two every year when it comes to choosing DH World Cup locations and this season's round selection included Switzerland's Lenzerheide region, an area more commonly known for hosting International Ski Federation (FIS) events.

Lenzerheide has spent the last few years rebuilding the bike trails that snake down the hill to the Rothorn base station. This includes the steep DH trail that will be used for World Cup racing. A high-speed spec is the aim, with the hope that riders can reach speeds of up to 100kph bombing down the hill.

Swiss trail builders Trailworks were bought in as the main contractor to revise the DH trail to something worthy of a World Cup challenge. For that extra bit of World Cup nuance a couple of veterans of the pro scene, Steve Peat and Claudio Caluori assisted Trailworks in an advisory capacity to help shape the course.

Peaty is relatively new to the track development game, while Caluori has his own Velo Solutions trail build company. As you'd expect, both aren't shy in coming forward with a few opinions or two on how to make Lenzerheide one hell of a memorable World Cup track.

Source: Red Bull / Santa Cruz Syndicate

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