How To Build A Prototype feat. Commencal Meta V4

How To Build A Prototype feat. Commencal Meta V4

It's without doubt a wet and dreary day in my neck of the woods... so the fire has been lit, bread is baking and vegetables roasting for a pasta meal tonight. The junior rider of the family and I have hit the local cafe for a shared muffin, hot chocolate and coffee... so now it's time to snuggle and learn something... and right off I find a press release from Commencal, featuring a great behind the scenes look at developing and prototyping a successful bike, the 2015 Commencal Meta AM V4 650b all-mountain/enduro.

As Commencal say, "Some products have a huge impact on a company's life. And without any doubt the Meta V4 has had one on Commencal's. Revealed almost one year ago, the Meta AM V4 650b doesn't need any more praise. Riders, press and customers, they all adore it! Experience a total immersion in the production process, from design to machine testing to finishing touches.

From Andorra to Taiwan, discover every step of such a creation with Commencal engineer Nicolas Menard."

2015 Commencal Meta V4 How to build a prototype video

Source: Commencal

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