Eddie Masters Gets Fat

Eddie Masters Gets Fat

It seems that in an effort to conquer the spirit of enduro in 2015 it's all gone a bit Pete Tong for New Zealand rider Master Edward "Eddie' Masters... it's due to a misunderstanding around the concept of the 'fat bike'... and Master Masters rather limited grasp of his native Nuu Zillund Unglish.

Whilst there is unsubstantiated evidence that Master Masters plea for sponsorship from Messrs. MacDonalds, Col. Sanders and his Highness of Burger, which has resulted in a global banning from their premises (a first, I understand). Since that ban was in place, questions have been asked of the whereabouts of Master Masters brother Wyn Masters, who was last seen in his company heading to the back shed after Eddie had fired up the bar-b-que and allegedly purchase several litres of sauce.

Authorities at Team Bulls Gravity are concerned that Wyn, an overly prolific poster on social media, has recently been displaying posts from the past... if you have recently witnessed a actual Wyns Wheelie Wednesday, please call them directly at their headquarters, as they have promised to have a pen and paper handy.**

**Of course this may all be a series of lies... or

Source: Eivomedia

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