Shoulder Season feat. Bas van Steenbergen

Shoulder Season feat. Bas van Steenbergen

Bas van Steenbergen and Mind Spark Cinema opted to escape the 'shoulder season' of a snow coated Canada relocate to Utah. The idea was to see if the could visit the well known Green River area and create somthing new and unexpected with a well known back drop.

Despite Bas running into injury, when he separated his shoulder, all it all it was seen as successful; "We spent 10 days waking up a sunset, filming, going back to the Super 8 for breakfast, digging, then filming at sunset".

Shoulder Season video from Mind Spark feat. Bas van Steenbergen

The trip was made possible with support from Transition Bikes, Blackhawk Wheel co, Skyride Bike Shop and Dissent Labs.

Mind Spark Cinema film Bas van Steenbergen in Utah

Source: Mind Spark Cinema

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