Martin Söderström Road To Recovery: Part 1

Martin Söderström Road To Recovery: Part 1

Crashing whilst riding is not much fun... there's the shock of being disconnected and dismounted from your bike... then there can be pain, sometimes fleeting, sometimes not so much... Most of my crashes have been personal. In other words, it's just been me, the trail and I've carried the shock (and pain) by myself without an audience, as I'm sure many other riders have.

So what happens when you crash in front of an audience, not just a couple of riding buddies, at one of the biggest mountain bike events in the world, Crankworx?

For Martin Söderström his spectacular crash at Crankworx 2013 in the Red Bull Joy Ride event carried additional burdens, such as riding being his career, it's how he paid his bills, how he labelled his life and his resume and in a fraction of an instant it all changed.

The choice Martin has taken is to return to the bike and return to professional riding and in association with Red Bull we can see his Road To Recovery.

Source: Red Bull

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