Hope Cranks: Designed, Tested, Manufactured

Hope Cranks: Designed, Tested, Manufactured

Hope Technology have released their latest product, a set of cranks... dubbed simply as Hope Cranks. The concept from Hope is that they have developed a design to suit multiple disciplines, rather than develop a diverse range of cranks that would have potential to confuse customers.

The Hope Cranks are forged from 7000 series alloy in one piece and then refined to shape using CNC lathes in the Hope Technology factory based in Yorkshire, England.

They have been several years in development whilst Hope refined the design and the manufacturing process before announcing they would be available from January in 165, 170 and 175mm lengths to cover different sized riders.

Hope Cranks from Hope Technology

Hope Cranks 7000 series alloy forgings

New crankset from Hope Technologies

Hope Cranks

Material: Forged and CNC machined 7000 series aluminium alloy crank arms
Length:165, 170 and 175mm
Q-Factor: 167mm
Chainline: 49mm
Axle Diameter: 30mm
Expanding spline crank arm/axle interface (pat pending)
3-piece construction
Versatile Spline mount for chainring/spider
Chainring mounting: Spiderless Retainer chainrings 26T to 36T. Spider Single 104BCD and Double 64/104BCD
Colours: Initially black, with red, blue, silver, gunsmoke and purple following in March
Weight: 641g (arms, axle and 34t Spiderless ring)

Hope Cranks designed for multiple discipline use

Source: Hope Technology

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