Grim Up North feat. Sam Flanagan And Craig Evans

Grim Up North feat. Sam Flanagan And Craig Evans

Stereotypes... no, it's not one of those old wooden boxes that sat in your grandparents lounge belting out jazz and national radio... that's a stereogram you twat!

Stereotypes are essentially the result of thoughtlessness and not bother to find out if what you have been told or read about a place, people or type of food is really correct or you have just been fed a biased line by some opinionated muppet.

Sadly in the England (and elsewhere where the English have spread), there has always been a pattern of thought and description that the 'North' of England is a gram place to be, work and live (by the way the 'North' is pretty much considered to be the bit of England between Birmingham and Scotland... and for some even Birmingham is considered too far north... ahh the life of a biased urban/suburban Londoner eh?). It's been fed by literature, television, movies and just general opinion... when in fact the 'North' is where you'll find space to be and do and people with skills to get stuff done.

Join Hope Technology riders Sam Flanagan and Craig Evans and their winter tour of riding through the north... where weather is just something that's happening, not an excuse not to be riding.

Grim Up North feat. Sam Flanagan And Craig Evans Hope Technology

Created in partnership by Steel City Media and Hope Technology.

Steel City Media and Hope Technology Grim Up North

Source: Hope Technology

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