Fettlers: Episode 2 The Carbon Wasp, 3D Printed Mountain Bike

Fettlers: Episode 2 The Carbon Wasp, 3D Printed Mountain Bike

If you have access to a personal computer, high-speed Internet and a 3D printer, then in theory you can build anything... there are plenty of examples across the world of what can be done, from one-shot hand-guns to replica Aston Martins. However the reality is that 3D printer is still in it's infancy, the printed objects are quite low-resolution.

Earlier this year I spent time with Auckland Museum discussing the importance of 3D printing, how it can be used to create replicas that people can touch (without fear of a precious piece being damaged). Examples ranged from researchers in another country who'd access the objects files and be able to print out a replica to creating interactive (hands-on) exhibits for visitors. The objects would be secured by a form of DRM (Digital Rights Management) to prevent unapproved use and protect provenance and ownership... the concept is in it's early days, and already museums are sharing 3D files.

Another possibility for 3D printers I have seen is for 'makers', those people who want to harness the technology to create their own items and that's whereAdrian Smith, The Carbon Wasp comes in.

Adrian uses a 3D printer to create create the moulds he then uses to build his own carbon fibre framed mountain bikes. He designs his own frames using CAD (Computer Aided Design) applications and the using his (self-built and designed) 3D printer to finalise parts and design before printing the moulds for laying the carbon fibre.

Adrian Smith Carbon Wasp Fettler

The Carbon Wasp, 3D Printed Mountain Bike

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Source: Red Bull

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