Commencal: 2015 Will Be Made For You

Commencal: 2015 Will Be Made For You

Me: Okay... 2014, we need to have a chat... now that the holiday season is over, it's time for you to move on

[awkward silence]...

2014: Alright... but you'll regret this

Me: Ummm

[Door slams... then silence]

[Phone rings]

Me: Hullo. Oh, 2015, it's you. I've been waiting for you to call, come on over.

To celebrate the moving on of 2014 (hey, we'll always have the Facebook year review video), Commencal have pulled together what they think we'll be looking forward to in 2015, from a local trail to an alpine epic, Commencal hope they'll be able to be there with you.

*Bonus Points are available if you can name the title and original artist of the music.

Source: Commencal

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