Reflections: Part 1 feat. Matt Simmonds

Reflections: Part 1 feat. Matt Simmonds

The Madison Saracen team had an outstanding 2014 season with Manon Carpenter, however they focus on acting as a team, which is the focus of their end of year documentary series.

The first part features Matt Simmonds, who has a great first year with the team producing his most successful season to date. Matt took 2nd place in Meribel, a feat that may have been eclipsed by Josh Bryceland and Manon Carpenter winning the series titles but that result took Matt to 7th in the overall for 2014.

Matt talks about pushing out of his impressive top ten capability to make the big results and it showed with his result in Meribel just 0.366 seconds off winner Sam Hill.

Source: Madison Saracen / Dirt Magazine

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