Joe Barnes’s Search For The Steep - Episode 1, Madeira

Joe Barnes’s Search For The Steep - Episode 1, Madeira

Most people take to the opportunity whilst standing on a hillside to look out and survey the view. To take in local landmarks and orientate oneself with the landscape... often it'll result in the commonly heard, 'you can see my/your/our/creepy Uncle Bernard's house from here...'

Mountain bikers though are not most people, if you are like me, then whilst you are standing on a hillside you generally are thinking.... 'can I ride this, can't I? Where's the line? If I come from the right, do I drop and head to the left?' Often though, we find our contemplation goes unfulfilled, due to time of day, lack of bike, strict laws, appointment with the plumber... but what if we could make that ride?

Joe Barnes, in partnership with Red Bull has decided that if you find a hillside that could be ridden... then ride it!

In Joe Barnes's Search for the Steep - Episode 1, Madeira; we find ourselves in Portugal with Joe's fellow Enduro World Series racer Iago Garay and time to look back at previous childhood visits.

Source: Red Bull / Dirt Magazine

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