Carhartt Presents: Push To Pedal

Carhartt Presents: Push To Pedal

Now for something a little different...

Push to Pedal is a documentary about four skaters, turned-bike-builders who crafted custom frames specially for Carhartt WIP skaters (Joseph Biais, Joe Gavin, Giovanni Grazzani and Pete Ruikka).
The group then hit the road together in Fuerteventura/ Canary Islands for a week long adventure of cycling, skating and exploration.

For one week, the whole crew stayed at the Casa Maccaroni, in Lajares, which is located in the middle of a desert, pierced by only a few little volcanoes, in the north part of the island. From there they would cycle to spots on an average of 45km a day, visiting cities and villages, skating and heading home.

With no training, this trip turned out to be pretty tough for the skaters, but made them realise that skate tours can be more than just sitting in a van to get to spots. A memorable experience for most of them.

Source: Carhartt: Work In Progress

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