The Welder: The Legacy Of Frank Wadelton

The Welder: The Legacy Of Frank Wadelton
Before there were factories across Japan, Taiwan and China, the first mountain bikes were hand built by a small group of people across the US... in fact they were not even building mountain bikes, as the name had not been confirmed... they were building something new, based on the re-engineered bikes being created and ridden by Gary Fisher, Joe Breeze and co... they were frankenstein like creations, based on frames from bikes built in the 1930's and 1940's... they were "clunkers".
Frank 'The Welder' Wadelton was there from the beginning. He started messing with bikes and welding in 1972, he became one of the founders of Yeti Cycles and his influence on the industry and design is deep. He built race... no change that... he built career defining frames for Julie Futardo and John Tomac, among others.
He still builds and he still rides and he's still legend!

Source: Frank The Welder / Jake Goss Photography

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