Spawn Cycles: Time To Get Your Kids On Proper Bikes

I love riding my mountain bike… though I can say there are many mountain bikes I have not loved riding… in fact there have been some I really believe that should be consigned to a special hell realm… you know one reserved for those who text message constantly through a movie at the cinema… yeah, those people!

So I want to know why it is that it’s seen to be okay to sell kids really horrible bikes?

Bikes that are too heavy, have rubbish components, uncomfortable, poor brakes, made of compromised materials etc. it’s just all wrong, because if you want your kids to become passionate about something, it’s got to be fun and it’s not fun mountain biking if you are hauling about a bike that weighs more than you do. I’ve been there and done that and I’m an adult.

Of course I’m told repeatedly that in ‘retail’ customers just want ‘a bike for my kid/s’ and do not want to think to hard about it… well that’s just fucking nonsense and they can spend some time in that special hell with the movie texting wankers and riding a bike made of shitty steel, non-functioning cable brakes, mis-shaped rims, blah blah.

Meanwhile if you care about what your kids ride, there is now a new option available if your local bike shop is not co-operating, Spawn Cycles.

Based in Canada, Spawn Cycles came about because of the lack of good fun bikes for kids and wanting to do something about it. Their range covers starts with a 12” balance bike and covers the wheel sizes up to 24”. Whilst the bikes are manufactured in Taiwan, all the design and development has been done in Canada by the Spawn team and the result is a range of bikes that have been well thought out and are built to make riding fun for kids.

Spawn Cycles Shojo: 24” Bike

Spawn Cycles Shojo: 24” Bike

Once you have considered the Shojo as a bike for your kids, you’ll never look at what you find in most bike retailers the same ever again.

The Shojo features a 6061 T6 aluminium alloy frame matched to an all alloy construction 65mm travel Spinner Air shock with lockout. A drive chain of SRAM X7 Type 2 rear derailleur matched to X7 shifters for 1x10 speeds. Tektro Draco hydraulic disc brakes and ISCG-05 chain guide tabs.

Complemented with a set of all alloy components, rims and Schwalbe Black Jack 24x1.95” tires the Shojo would set up any kid for moving on to a adult sized mountain bike when they are ready. This lightweight bike would be fun to ride and that’s what translate to a lifetime of great memories and a love of mountain biking.

Spawn Cycles Savage 2.0: 20” Bike

Spawn Cycles Savage 2.0: 20” Bike

Right… it’s time to get serious with the Savage 2.0, the 6061 T6 aluminium frame is matched to an all alloy construction 50mm travel Spinner Air shock, SRAM X4 derailleur and shifters running 1x10 speeds, Tektro Draco hydraulic disc brakes and ISCG-05 chain guide tabs.

Running alloy components, Kenda Small Block Eight tires this is a proper hard-tail mountain bike coming in at 22 pounds (under 10 kilograms).

Spawn Cycles Savage 1.0: 20” Bike

By the time your kids are ready for a bike of this size, they are ready to starting riding family orientated trails with their parents, so they need a bike that will not drag them down.

The Savage 1.0 features the Spawn Cycles designed 6061 T6 aluminium frame set up with a light-weight chromoly fork and Tektro Aqulia mechanical disc brakes. Continuing on the theme that it’s a proper mountain bike is the choice of SRAM X4 rear derailleur and shifters to create a 1x7 speed beast. Again the focus is on great components, featuring alloy and not steel, along with 20” Kenda Small Block Eight tires.

Spawn Cycles Banshee: 16” Bike

Spawn Cycles Banshee: 16” Bike

Like the Furi, the Banshee features extensive use of alloy components and again a 6061 T6 aluminium alloy frame and chromoly forks. At 15 pounds it’s keeping the family tradition of light and strong.

Spawn Cycles Furi: 14” Bike

Spawn Cycles Furi: 14” Bike

The original Spawn Cycles, the Furi bike was designed and built because there was no alternative. It features a 6061 T6 aluminium alloy frame, chromoly forks and Tektro V-brakes. The extensive use of alloy components, where competitors use steel brings the weight of the Furi to 14 pounds, generally half the weight of the typical kids bike.

Spawn Cycles Tengu: 12” Balance Bike

Constructed with 6061 T6 aluminium alloy frame and chromoly (chromium and molybdenum, high carbon steel) forks, the Tengu is designed to get toddlers moving, to understand they can balance and turn.

Right now if you are outside of Canada, you can purchase Spawn Cycles direct, however you’ll be on your own regarding assembly, warranties etc, as they are currently committed to their local market and you may have some red tape to negotiate… be warned!

Looking at the Spawn Cycles range, and then wandering through a local bike retailer you have to wonder if they have any passion about getting kids on bikes that are fun to ride… so rather than become depressed consider equipping out your spawn with something from their range.

Source: Spawn Cycles / NSMB

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