Gymkhana Seven: Wild On The Streets Of Los Angeles feat. Ken Block

This is what happens when you take a 1965 Ford Mustang body, stuff it with an 845bhp V8 motor, match it to an all-wheel-drive transmission similar to one found in a WRC Rally Car and then give it to Ken Block.... he gets the run of Los Angeles first thing in the morning and produces this...

Ken Block has become the 'car driving' equivalent of 'bike riding' Danny MacAskill, where each subsequent edit has to build upon the last in terms of complexity and challenge... and also the number of GoPro cameras used.

There's a lot shared between Ken and Danny, both are relaxed and charming when you meet them, however they are also very focused, yet this does not behind the scenes they are egomaniacs... no, they are driven by their natural curiosity... can I do this and if I can't, who can help me?

Their curiosity, enthusiasm and co-operative nature is how they continue to push the boundaries and create compelling content and ideas.

Gymkhanna 7 Hoonigan 1965 Mustang

The highly modified 1965 Mustang... AKA the Hoonicorn RTR is a combination of cutting edge technology, such as the all-wheel-drive transmission, matched to older technology, such as the 410 cubic inch V8 motor... it's much like mountain biking technology, where the latest electronically controlled suspension and derailleurs are matched to a frame design that have not changed since the late 19th Century.

Hoonicorn RTR Specifications:

  • Motor: Roush Yates 410 cubic inch Ford V8, 845 hp/720 lb.ft with ITBs
  • Transmission: 6-speed Sadev SC90-24 all-wheel drive transmission with a hydraulic handbrake system
  • Suspension: Custom ASD Motorsports-designed geometry and components
  • Body: 1965 widebody Ford Mustang designed by RTR, Ken Block and Hoonigan, ASD Motorsports full tubular chassis, ASD Motorsports custom roll-cage, door bars and front/rear suspension mounts, RTR carbon fiber body panels
  • Wheels: fifteen52 three-piece R40, 18” x10.5”
  • Tires: Pirelli Trofeo R, 295/30/18, custom Ken Block compound 

Wild On The Streets Of Los Angeles with Ken Block and Randy's Donuts

Source: Hoonigan

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