Broken Riders: New Season Colours

Broken Riders: New Season Colours

Tis’ the season of change… from northern to southern hemisphere now begins a time of year when the local climate starts to changes and it becomes less predictable, days can be warm or cool, it may be fine, or very wet and not doubt, there will be a lot of wind.

The seasonal change means you need to be prepared, so it’s the time of year in which your wardrobe generally has a 50% chance of being suitable for what you are doing or planning on doing. The sun may be out when you start your ride, but rain and a bitter wind could loom without much warning and it’s no fun being wet and cold is it?

The team at Broken Riders have gone for a seasonal re-fresh to not only make sure you have the right gear for the right season, but also look fantastic as well.

For the seasonal change Broken Riders have a new section of colours in their range of super comfy bamboo t-shirts, including eggplant and acid green along with new logo colours on their great basic black colour.

When the ride is over, you can contemplate your day with a tasty beverage in a brand new Broken Riders mug... check out the new seasons range at the Broken Riders online store.

Source: Broken Riders

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