Beat Down: Mountain Bike vs. Moab, Utah

Beat Down: Mountain Bike vs. Moab, Utah

The rise of the affordable high-definition camera has certainly spawned an interest in how far film-makers can push boundaries on what can be created in a live environment.

Affordability (yes, I know it can be relative... but let's be honest you can pick-up a 1080p ruggerised camera for around USD$50 and if it's lost/broken your budget is not destroyed) combined with ever increasingly capable equipment and reduced size means you can now place a camera almost anywhere... just add in the dimension that with a remote-controlled drone, aerial shots no longer require the expense of a helicopter and the result is creative content such as this... filmed on location in Moab, Utah, USA.

It's frankly breathe taking what can be achieved...

Camp4 Collective are a group who specialise in working with 'action and adventure' athletes and companies.

Source: Camp4Collective

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