2014 Red Bull Hardline

2014 Red Bull Hardline Dan Atherton

The concept behind the Red Bull Hardline was pretty simple when said out loud 'build the toughest downhill track possible and invite riders to 'ave a go'... after all how hard could it be?

Well... first you need someone to build the track and a place to build it... so come in Dan Atherton and introducing Wales, United Kingdom.

The Atherton family have been involved in competitive mountain biking for a good many years now, however Dan took a tumble on a dirt jump a couple of years back, broke his neck in the fall and had a long recovery. He's stepped back from the same level of riding as his siblings, though not entirely, as he's competed in rounds of the Enduro World Series and been developing prototype bikes with GT Bicycles.

Dan has also become involved with track and trail design and construction, and the end result has been the Red Bull Hardline.

The 'event' took place in September 2014 featuring nine invited riders and support from Red Bull.

2014 Red Bull Hardline Course Map

2014 Red Bull Hardline Results

Danny Hart - GBR / Giant Factory Racing
Loic Bruni - FRA / Lapierre Gravity Republic
Dan Atherton - GBR / GT Racing

2014 Red Bull Hardline Danny Hart

Source: Red Bull

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