That's What Friends Are For Feat. Brendon Fairclough And Schwalbe Tires

That's What Friends Are For Feat. Brendon Fairclough And Schwalbe Tires

They are one of the most essential parts of your mountain bike... how they behave will have probably have more impact on your ride than any other component on your bike, but the reality is how much thought do you give them?

If you don't believe that statement, then you should rush out right now, take 5% of the volume out of your current tires and go for a ride... was it better or worse? How about removing 50% of the knobbly bits... better or worse? If you have some extra time and some cash about, go swap your current tires for something from a different brand and go narrower or wider... I'll bet it's all rather enlightening!

Hopefully I've stirred you into action, because to be honest when tire companies tend to promote their products it becomes rather dry (just have a look at the various manufacturers websites, they look pretty much how a bicycle tire sales catalog would have looked in Edwardian times), so it's really no wonder you don't give them much thought until they are bald or full of holes.

Brendon Fairclough And Schwalbe Tires

Schwalbe Tires have recruited Brendon Fairclough and some of his mates to give a better example of how tires can make a difference, focusing on the Nobby Nic, a tire suited for all-mountain style riding, not too much drag, but it'll dig in for the turns. The Nobby Nic is now on it's third generation.

Source: Schwalbe Tires

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