No Farm Jam For 2015... Farm Jam Will Return In 2016

No Farm Jam For 2015...  Farm Jam Will Return In 2016

After 7 years, the Frew brothers Brett and Dan have announced that there will be no 2015 Farm Jam... but don't despair, Farm Jam will be back in 2016.

Announced today, the Frew brothers have placed family before event and have decided that like Glastonbury, stuff of legend can have a break every now and again.

Press release

“We’ve come to a point where, after seven annual events, it’s time for us to take a year’s break to explore our options, ride more, spend more time with our young families, and head into Farm Jam 2016 with renewed enthusiasm and energy,” the Frew brothers have said in a statement.

“The Farm Jam is just a part of the busy timeline at the Frew Farm and moving to a biennial event to will allow for some breathing space. We are always dreaming about further developments on-farm, and within the events and filming industries. Therefore we’ve made this move to allow us to really put 100% into the Jam, which can be done more successfully every second year."

“We have grown a huge event, annually attracting more than 30 international athletes, NZ’s best riders, and a consistent 2,000-strong crowd. We’re honestly thrilled with the support we have received from our sponsors, the public, and the fan-base we have built up. It has far surpassed all of our expectations and is something we are extremely proud of."

“This is definitely not the end of Farm Jam by any means; we love it and we will be back in 2016 and for many years to come. We want to thank everyone, from our fans, spectators, invited riders, media partners, sponsors, volunteers, helpers, and our families for the ongoing support. Without you Farm Jam wouldn’t be as amazing as it is.”

About the Farm Jam
The Farm Jam began in 2008 on the Frew brothers’ 2,600-acre sheep farm in Otapiri Gorge, Southland, NZ. From its humble beginnings it has rapidly grown into a bucket-list event for two-wheeled action-sports athletes, attracting some of the world’s biggest names in BMX, FMX and MTB. The “jam” formats see each sport judged solely by the riders, with significant emphasis placed on judging riders from other disciplines. Thousands of spectators flock to the highly-anticipated annual event.

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Source: Farm Jam

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