2015 Yeti SB6C - Preview

2015 Yeti SB6C - Preview

One of my favourite terms from motorsport is 'race on Sunday, sell on Monday'... it's especially relevant to saloon car racing... any formula/class of car racing where the cars closely resemble the cars on sale at your local dealership. The theory is the car you'd see winning at the racing circuit, you'd be keen to buy... around the world this theory led to fantastic cars being made available for sale based on racing machines, such as the Ford Mustang Boss 302, Plymouth Roadrunner, Mini Cooper and Holden Commodore SS... all cars you'd seen a driver take to victory.

In recent years I think you've been able to apply this theory to mountain biking, initially in downhill racing where you can judge the increase in a bike at the local trail based on how it did in the previous years UCI World Cup... and now the term can be applied to trail bikes thanks to the success of the "enduro" class of bike and coverage of the Enduro World Series.

The latest release from Yeti Cycles is the 2015 Yeti SB6C, a 6 inch travel enduro/all-mountain bike that debuted in recent North American EWS events ridden by Jared Graves and Ritchie Rude.

2015 Yeti Cycles SB6C Switch Infinity

The SB6C builds on the Yeti SB5 frame, which includes the new Switch Infinity suspension system, 27.5" wheels and as Yeti describe it; "the SB6C was built as a pure enduro machine and proved it's mettle before it went into production, winning two consecutive rounds of the Enduro World Series."

Highlights of the SB6C are the use of carbon fibre on the main frame and swing arm, when many competitors are carbon/alloy, internal routing for a dropper post and also Shimano Di2 electronic transmission.

2015 Yeti SB6C Carbon Green

2015 Yeti SB6C

Frame: High modulus carbon fibre frame and swing arm
Travel: 6"
Rear fork: Fox Float X CTD
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
Colours: Green, Turquoise, Black

2015 Yeti SB6C Carbon Turquoise

2015 Yeti SB6C Carbon Black

Source: Yeti Cycles

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