2015 Transition Bikes - 'GiddyUp' Up And Down Mountain Bikes

2015 Transition Bikes - 'GiddyUp' Up And Down Mountain Bikes

It could be an absence of sunlight in winter in the northern climes or good drinking water or possibly a decent broadband connection... whatever the cause, it's set the team at Transition Bikes to thinking about mountain bike design... and specifically why it's become a minefield of names, descriptions and frankly bat-shit insane hyperbole!

For fuck-sake it's a mountain bike and what you want it to do is simple... be fun to ride!

So the Transition Bikes, Mission Control Team have come up with a new true 4-bar design and very simple principle... choose the bike that fits you best and 'GiddyUp'!!!... you just ride... they are Up And Down Mountain Bikes.

The new bikes for 2015 will be the:

2015 Transition Patrol: 155/160mm travel, 27.5" wheels- read more
2015 Transition Suppressor: 155/160mm travel, 26" wheels - read more
2015 Transition Scout: 125/140mm travel, 27.5" wheels - read more
2015 Transition Smuggler: 115/130mm travel, 29" wheels - read more 

Source: Transition Cycles

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