Broken Riders... An Ethical Choice For Those Who Ride

Broken Riders... An Ethical Choice For Those Who Ride - t-shirts

Mountain biking has always had a couple of parts to it, there’s the time you spend on the bike, which is generally what is aimed for, it’s where the ‘bliss’ lies… you can also count time spent fixing and maintaining your bike, driving to and from a trail, looking at bikes in shops, reading biking magazines, books and websites and talking about bikes.

The other part is when you are not spending time on your bike, when life is ‘else’… and sometimes that else is forced upon you by circumstance, such as an accident, when you are rendered incapable of riding, no matter what your heart desires.

During one of these forced periods, Tom Redfern had an idea, create an apparel company that "celebrates the failures encountered by most mountain bikers and BMX’ers; an apparel company that unlike most others, isn’t focused on racing and winning, but taking part and doing something you love - even though sometimes it results in a trip to the local A&E department!”… and Broken Riders was created.

Tom has taken his background as a graphic designer and marketer and transferred it to Broken Riders, who design and sell a range of ethical and environmentally responsible clothing for riders. The brands mission statement is pretty explanatory; “Apparel for those who ride”.

The current range consists of men’s and women’s bamboo and organic cotton t-shirts, recycle poly-cotton t-shirts, recycled polyester cycling shirts, organic cotton hoodies, merino beanies and merino socks - and Tom says they plan to expand on the range as the brand grows.

Broken Riders... An Ethical Choice For Those Who Ride

The designs are bold, simple and just on the right side of quirky that wearing Broken Riders gear will have people asking you about what’s on your shirt… when was the last time you got that wearing a Fox t-shirt eh?

Tom believes that it’s critical to run his business as an ethical and environmentally responsible manner, and he says "Broken Riders believes in looking after our playground. All our organic cotton garments are ‘climate neutral’: using ethically grown cotton from India, but crucially, manufactured in Turkey solely using sustainable energy generated from wind and solar power, resulting in a garment that has a reduced carbon footprint of up to 90% over conventional cotton garments.

Our bamboo t-shirts are made from sustainable bamboo viscose blended with organic cotton. Bamboo as a material is completely sustainable - it thrives naturally without using any pesticides or fertilizers. A typical bamboo crop yield obtained from an acre of bamboo is ten times greater than the yield of cotton. Bamboo garments also have other great qualities. They’re excellent at ‘moisture-wicking’, keeping the wearer cool and dry. They also help control the body temperature, keeping the wearer cool in summer and warm in winter. Bamboo garments are also ‘anti-bacterial’, allowing many days of wear before they begin to smell. All our bamboo is imported from China and is then made into viscose material and blended in Turkey.

Our recycled poly-cotton t-shirts are made from 100% recycled material. Scraps of organic cotton are blended with recycled plastic bottles to produce the ultimate environmentally friendly material. And our riding jerseys are made from certified 100% recycled polyester, reducing the garment’s impact on our environment.”

All that would go to waste if you used traditional printing methods, so Broken Riders use water based inks that that are air-dried, unlike Plastisol inks that requires forced heat to dry and use solvents.

So if you've fallen off your bike, hurt yourself, but got back on and had another go, then you're definitely a Broken Rider.

Whilst Broken Riders are based in the UK, they also ship to most destinations, so check out their store:

Source: Broken Riders

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