Pinnacle Bike Championship - Event Announcement

Pinnacle Bike Championship - Event Announcement

There is a brand new event planned for September this year and it’s aim is to take the spectacle of downhill mountain bike racing and… well… make it biggerer!

So how do you make downhill mountain bike racing biggerer you ask? Luckily Mark Rodgers has been thinking about this for a while and he’s come up with an interesting solution, a new event, the Pinnacle Bike Championship that’s scheduled to run 19-20 September 2014, Waterville Valley Resort, New Hampshire, USA.

What Mark has come up with is this, an event that starts with 100 riders, who will compete in groups of 10 racing a 1,500ft descent together and the winner will gain a place in the final run to win it all.

It’s certainly looking like a unique event, as most of the runs will be on un-groomed mountainside except for some key features which must be ridden. The run will be 1.25 miles long and it’s designed so that there will be plenty of overtaking opportunities for the riders, at it’s narrowest point it will still be 25ft wide.

Pinnacle Bike Championship - Track Overview

To start with the first event will be by invitation only and Mark is aiming for wide coverage, online and potentially television. The location looks amazing with it’s wide open aspect and finish line near the mountain complex.

From conversations with Mark, I understand shaping of the course has begun with "mowing of the vegetation" and construction on the features will be starting shortly.

You can follow the build up to the Pinnacle Bike Championship via Twitter here or Facebook here

Source: Pinnacle Bike Championship

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