Nicolai Argon FAT At Speed!

There are often things we fascinated by, we wonder how our lives would be if we had that thing. Often it's wistful... we'll find ourselves contemplating "oh how great my life is now I have that thing... I'm so happy and we get have wonderful adventures".

The things I'm fascinated about and have often wondered upon are:

A: an ex-army Land Rover
B: a fat bike

I've thought that with these objects I'd go on adventures, head out to distant beaches, ride in the mountains and I'd glide along, because there would be no landscape that would stand in the way of my bike or my car.

Then this came along... a German designed fat bike with a internal gearbox and a trail... and I'm rendered absolutely fucking speechless!

The Nicolai Argon FAT is an all-mountain hard-tail design that can be fitted with suitable fat bike rims, fork and also a Pinion internal gearbox.

Source: Nicolai Bikes

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