Bicycle Helmets Are A Waste Of Time... Bullshit!

The New Zealand Herald posted an article titled "Bicycle helmets are a waste of time - brain surgeon" which you can find here on Tuesday, and frankly it's such a complete piece of absolute fucking bullshit I could not let it pass without comment.

It irked me on a number of levels:
  1. It's essentially just a straight copy and paste from the Daily Telegraph, UK, yet it's been promoted as an New Zealand Herald editorial piece.
  2. Because it's from the UK it cites research and governing bodies that may not be relevant. They are quite unclear where in the world the bodies and spokespeople they have included are from.
  3. The neurosurgeon whose comments they base the article on offers opinion about construction of bike helmets being "flimsy", but nothing constructive about preventing head injuries.
It's basically a piece without point and therefore without merit... except that it'll make people question can I go about riding a bike without a helmet, which you really should not, as the risk from head injury is too high, especially from concussion and it's effects.

If cowboy hat wearing neurosurgeon Mr Henry Marsh wants to be constructive with his thoughts about helmets, how about he reaches out to helmet designers and retailers.

As for the New Zealand Herald.... how about actually writing a proper piece relevant to bike riders and non-bike riders about keeping safe? Be an organisation that employs and encourages writers to investigate and challenge, expose and educate... 

New Zealand Herald, I'm calling you on your bullshit, now how about you do something responsible!

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