2015 Trek Fuel EX 650b Preview

2015 Trek Fuel EX 650b Preview

Sharing is great… you’ll never be entirely sure what result when you share with someone, however if you never share, well you’ll most likely slim down you chances of discovering something really cool.

For the 2015 Trek Fuel EX 650b it’s sharing that elevates this bike beyond the norm through sharing technology with Penske Racing Shocks to develop the new RE:AKTIV suspension. Penske Racing Shocks are part of the racing outfit, Penske Racing, who have a long history in developing and building high-performance machinery, in Formula 1, Indy Car, NASCAR, off-road buggies and much more.

Penske Racing build their suspension solutions in-house, so the asking price for a Formula 1 car is USD$200,000 for each wheel! That does not mean you’ll need to re-mortgage the house for a RE:AKTIV fitted bike.

Working with Trek and Fox Racing Shocks, Penske Racing have developed an exclusive version of the Fox Racing Shocks CTD shock that utilises the “Regressive” damping technology they have jointly developed over the last 5 years in secrecy.

The RE:ACTIV suspension will be available on all 2015 Fuel EX models.

2015 Trek Fuel EX 650b Preview - RE:ACTIV

The other significant change to the 2015 Trek Fuel EX is the inclusion of the 650b (27.5”) wheel size and the dropping of the 26” wheel option. Which places them firmly in-line with trail/all-mountain bikes from other big brands, Giant and Specialized. According to Trek, they built prototypes of the 2015 bike for all three wheel sizes and then rode then until it was agreed, 650b was the winner.

Source: Trek Bicycles

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